Bimorph Nodes V2.2 Adds Holistic Support for Linked Element Clash Detection with New Link-Element Nodes

Bimorph Nodes v2.2 Library Catalog

We are delighted to announce the release of BimorphNodes v2.2, which is now available for download via the Dynamo Package Manager.

BimorphNodes v2.2 introduces the new LinkElement class nodes to Dynamo which are purpose-built for retrieving elements from linked Revit models


Bimorph Nodes v2.1 Released With Ultra-Efficient Clash Detection Nodes

BimorphNodes V2.1 Dynamo BIM catalog

BimorphNodes v2.1 has been released on the Dynamo Package Manager and it now includes ultra-efficient clash detection and intersection-based nodes!

We’ve developed a new range of geometry intersection nodes that are unmatched in performance and add entirely new functionality to Dynamo, while the new clash detection nodes achieve unparalleled speed increases