filePath : string (optional)
refresh : bool
close : bool


ImportInstanceReport[] : ImportInstanceReport[]


Generates a list of ImportInstanceReport’s for all CAD Links and Imports in the active Revit document. The ImportInstanceReport instances provide detailed information on the ImportInstance link status, view host level, owner view, qualified path, and workset name.

To report the active Revit document, leave the filePath input unconnected or input a filePath to any external Revit file or Family silently to report external files.

The close input allows users to close any files opened using the filePath input, otherwise the node will automatically close any open external documents when you close your graph or close Dynamo. It has no effect if the node is reporting on the active document.


Reports all CAD Links and Imports in a Revit document

External Revit and Family documents can be reported using the filePath input

Use the ImportInstanceReport query nodes to return the details about the ImportInstance including its link status and host level

Use the close input to close any files opened using the filePath input

Automatically closes any open external documents when the graph or Dynamo is closed

User Guide

Note that the video shown below is from older versions of BimorphNodes and does not show the ImportInstanceReport output:


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