curves : CurveElement[]
retainByLineStyles : string[] (optional)


CurveDuplicatesResult[] : CurveDuplicatesResult[]


Removes duplicates from a list of Revit Model, Detail or Symbolic curves.

Input LineStyle names to prioritise a duplicate curve which matches the style as the unique curve in the set. The retainByLineStyles lists is iterated until a match is found. If no match is found, first-in first-out rules apply. Note that LineStyle names are case-sensitive.

The node returns a list of CurveDuplicatesResult – each result stores the UniqueCurve and any Duplicates.


Remove duplicates from a list of curves

Revit Model, Detail or Symbolic curves are all supported

Line Style names can be input to retain Revit curves of that style

Returns a list of CurveDuplicatesResult’s

User Guide

Note that the video shown below is from older versions of BimorphNodes and does not show the latest functionality:


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