linkElements : LinkElement[]


element[] : Element[]


Copies LinkElements into the active document. This method performs rehosting of elements where applicable and is designed primarily for model elements. Element binding is used to ensure that if you run the node multiple times (it might form part of a larger workflow), there are no risks of duplicates appearing every time your graph updates.

Note that not all elements are supported due to limitations in the Revit API, and due to the way Dynamo interacts with Revit, this node should only be used when Dynamo is in Manual execution mode, otherwise there is a risk of triggering a never-ending process.

To learn more about the LinkElement class, see the LinkElement.OfCategory node.


Copy LinkElements into the active document as Elements

Performs rehosting of elements

Not all elements are supported due to limitation in the Revit API

User Guide

BimorphNodes v3.0 Link Element Copy To Active Document user guide


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