solids : Solid[]
element : Element[]


Element[][] : Element[][]
intersectsWith : Solid[]
exceptions[] : int[]


Element.IntersectsSolid is a game-changing clash-detection node built for Dynamo BIM, which provides greater flexibility and interop with Dynamo Solid vs Revit elements. The node is extremely useful in situations where there is no reference geometry – for example, testing if door swings clash with another element. In this scenario, Dynamo Cylinder extrusions could be created at each door to represent the swing zone, then Element.IntersectsSolid can be used to perform the clash test.

The node utilises a purpose-built Revit API method to perform the intersection test, which drastically improves efficiency in comparison to standard Dynamo nodes such as Geometry.IntersectAll. In addition, it is built on the same infrastructure as the Element.IntersectsElement node, meaning it also includes our custom optimisations to minimise redundant tests by filtering surrounding elements per clash.

As the node utilises a purpose-built method from the API, many of the performance bottlenecks typically encountered with the OOTB Geometry.IntersectAll node are prevented, providing ultra-efficient intersection results despite the fact solid intersections are still being computed.

In some cases, solids can fail the intersection process due limitations with certain geometries processed by the Revit API Shape Builder. The node has been designed to handle these failures by returning the indexes of any problem solids to the exceptions[] output, enabling them to be bypassed, or filtered and rerouted to alternative methods.

Includes a powerful clash detection algorithm which enables holistic support of elements from linked Revit models when used with BimorphNodes LinkElement nodes.


Intersect Dynamo Solids with Revit Elements

Ultra-efficient optimisations reduce processing time by up to 97-99.5% compared to standard Dynamo nodes

The exceptions[] output returns indexes of any solids that fail the Revit API Shape Builder

Ideally suited for large-scale building projects with millions of elements

Provides holistic support of elements from linked Revit models when used with BimorphNodes LinkElement nodes

Supports LinkElements from an unlimited number of Revit Link Instances

Match the indices from the intersectsWith and Element[][] outputs to group the clash results

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