elementSetA : Element[]
elementSetB : Element[]


ElementIntersectionResult[] : ElementIntersectionResult[]


Element.IntersectsElement performs ultra-efficient clash/interference checks between two sets of Revit Elements.

It utilises a custom-built clash detective algorithm which offers significant advantages over Revit’s built-in Interference Checker (IC). The algorithm in BimorphNodes processes results faster by filtering each target element’s surrounding elements first, then performs the clash testing on the subset to optimise the process. The technique results in a significant performance increase, reducing processing time by as mach as 99.95% compared to Dynamo’s Geometry.IntersectAll or Geometry.DoesIntersect + Element.Solid nodes for example.

The clash detective algorithm also provides holistic LinkElement support which surpasses limitations in Revits IC, including linked element vs linked element clash detection, and support for linked elements from an unlimited number of Link Instances. More details about LinkElements and the unique clash detection functionality is explained here.

Each element in set A is clashed against all elements in set B and returned as a ElementIntersectionResult. Use the ElementIntersectionResult query nodes to evaluate the results.

To eliminate false-flags, the node prevents self-intersections if an element is found in both element Set A and B.


Clash check Revit elements with another set of Revit Elements

Ultra-efficient optimisations reduce processing time by up to 97-99.5% compared to standard Dynamo nodes

Ideally suited for large-scale building projects with millions of elements

Automatically prevents self-intersections if an element is found in both element set A and B

Output ElementIntersectionResult’s are the result of each ‘clash’ between an element from set A and the Elements in set B

Provides holistic support of elements from linked Revit models when used with Bimorph LinkElement nodes

Supports LinkElements from an unlimited number of Revit Link Instances

LinkElement vs LinkElement clash detection fully supported, even if the linked elements are transformed

User Guide

Note that the video shown below is from older versions of BimorphNodes and does not show the ElementIntersectionResult output:


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