solid : Solid
curves : Element[]
invert : bool (optional)


Curve[] : Curve[]
exceptions[] : int[]


Curve.SolidIntersection node enables the intersection of a list of curves against a solid. The node can compute curve segments that either intersect the solid (default behaviour), or the result can be inverted, which compute curve segments outside the solid. Inverting provides dual functionality to the node, with both solid intersection or solid trim possible.

The node packages the result of the intersection into a SolidIntersectionResult which enables the querying of the result of the intersection such as the resultant curve segments and the solid which intersected them.


Returns a list of SolidIntersectionResult’s segments that intersect the Solid

Inverting the result returns SolidIntersectionResult’s that contain curves which intersect outside the Solid

User Guide

Note that the video below shows the node prior to BimorphNodes v4.0 which does not have the SolidIntersectionResult return type.


Download Example Graph

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