solid : Solid
curves : Element[]
invert : bool (optional)


Curve[] : Curve[]
exceptions[] : int[]


Curve.SolidIntersection adds entirely new functionality to Dynamo – now solids can be used to intersect or trim curves. Prior to BimorphNodes v2.1 it was not possible to intersect a solid with a curve, yet this functionality has significant value for a myriad of workflows; from volumetric containment testing to procedural modelling.

The node can output curve segments that either intersect the solid (default behaviour), or the result can be inverted, which outputs curve segments outside the solid. Inverting provides dual functionality to the node, with both solid intersection or solid trim possible.

In some cases, curves can fail the intersection process due to tolerance limitations within the Revit API. The node has been designed to handle these failures by returning the indexes of any problem curves to the exceptions[] output, enabling them to be filtered and rerouted to alternative methods.


Returns curve segments that intersect a solid

Inverting the result returns curves that intersect outside the solid

The exceptions[] output returns indexes of any curves that fail the intersection function

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