importInstance : ImportInstance
layerNames : string[]


CADTextData[][] : CADTextData[]
layerKeys[] : string[]


Provides rapid extraction of text data from linked or imported CAD files in Revit. The node avoids exploding the CAD instance so it is not restricted to Revits 10,000 element limit. It means the days of pre-processing CAD files to isolate text for the purposes of exploding in Revit are over – simply link or import your CAD file and you can extract the text within seconds.

The node also includes custom algorithms which work recursively to parse text entities from the CAD instance, so it can locate text in nested blocks regardless of the nested depth or any transformations. For example, if the text is in a block which is scaled, mirrored, and/or rotated, and it has nested blocks containing text which are also scaled, mirrored, and/or rotated, the node will compute all the transforms accordingly as it parses each nested depth.


Extracts all text entities from an input CAD link or import (ImportInstance’s)

Avoids explode so there is no element limit and no need to pre-process your CAD file

Works recursively to extract text data from any blocks with nested blocks to n-depth

Supports all Revit documents and Families

Supports all valid view types, including Section, Elevation, and Legend views

Supports shared coordinates and rotations from true north

Supports translated, scaled, mirrored and rotated Import Instances

Dynamically adjusts units from the CAD file to your display units in Revit

Compatible with Dynamo Player

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