Bimorph Nodes

Bimorph Nodes for Dynamo BIM

Bimorph Nodes is a versatile app that extends Autodesk’s Dynamo add-in for Revit with a collection of powerful utility nodes. It includes ultra-efficient clash detection and geometry intersection nodes, which are enabling entirely new coordination workflows in Dynamo by reducing processing times by up to 99.5% compared to any other intersection technique. It is also the first Dynamo app – also known as a Package – with nodes capable of converting text and curves from CAD Links or Imports using layer names as filters.

The package includes nodes to:

  • Perform ultra-efficient Revit Element clash detection and interference checking
  • Perform ultra-efficient curve and solid intersections
  • Extract text from CAD Links or Imports by layer name without exploding
  • Convert curves from CAD Links or Imports to Dynamo Curves by layer name
  • Convert curves from CAD Links or Imports to Revit Detail, Model or Symbolic Curves by layer name
  • Retrieve elements from linked Revit models using the LinkElement class nodes
  • Extract LinkElement model data at its host location
  • Remove duplicate curves
  • Duplicate Sheets and any placed Views
  • Renumber and/or rename Sheets
  • Query layers in CAD Links or Imports
  • Report all CAD Links and Imports in a Revit or Family document
  • Set the colour and line weight of CAD (layer) Object Styles
  • Extract table data from Schedules
  • Create and query LineStyles

Use the node menu to navigate the full library of Bimorph Nodes and learn more about their functionality, see video user guides and download example graphs.

How to Download

Bimorph Nodes can be installed from the Package Manager dialog within Dynamo, or download it from Dynamo Packages Website and save it to your Dynamo root package directory. If you have older versions of Bimorph Nodes installed you will need to uninstall it, restart Revit and Dynamo, and then install the latest version.


Current version: v4.1
Install the latest version to get the most up-to-date nodes, performance enhancements, and features. Read the article here to find out what’s new in BimorphNodes v4.1. Compatible with Revit 2018 to 2022 and Dynamo v2.x. All Revit language versions are supported.

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