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BimorphNodes v2.0 has been released and is available for download via the Dynamo BIM Package Manager! There have been a range significant upgrades since the previous release (v1.5.1), plus we’ve added some amazing new nodes.

To coincide with the release of BimorphNodes v2.0, we’ve also launched a dedicated BimorphNodes dictionary on our website which provides a description of each node, video user guides and example graphs.


Bimorph Nodes v2.0 includes:

  • 4 new utility nodes
  • Major feature upgrades to DuplicateSheets and CurveFromCADLayers node
  • DuplicateSheets and CurveFromCADLayers nodes ported to C# (Zero Touch)
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements
  • General feature enhancements to all included nodes

New Nodes

Bimorph Nodes DetailLinesFromCADLayers Dynamo BIM Package for Revit
Its now possible to convert curves from a CAD Link or Import to Revit Detail Lines using the file layer names as an element filter.

Like the CurvesFromCADLayers node, Detail curves are output in sublists based on their layer name and mapped to the Lines Line Style to prevent unwanted CAD layer styles from entering your project. Alternatively, Line Style names can be input to map each curve sublist to that style during conversion. Layer names can be input to filter and convert curves only on those layers. To convert all layers, leave the layerNames input unconnected.

Bimorph Nodes SetCADObjectStyles Dynamo BIM Package for Revit
Setting the weight and colour of Revit imported subcategories (i.e. the layer/Object Styles of an Import Instance) can now be automated using SetCADObjectStyles. The node includes built-in logic in situations where lineStylesWeight or lineStylesColour lists are shorter (contain less items) than the layerNames list; in these situations, the node automatically defaults to longest lacing to ensure each subcategory is updated.

Bimorph Nodes ReportCADLinks Dynamo BIM Package for Revit
If you are looking to audit your Revit projects for CAD Links and Imports, this node provides detailed information on: instance name, link status, view specific, owner view id, workset name, file path and host level. In addition, linked and imported CAD files are output into lists automatically to aid with BIM management workflows.

There is also an optional file path input to enable auditing of any external Revit file or Family. The node audits the file without needing to open it in Revit.


Bimorph Nodes RemoveDuplicateCurves Dynamo BIM Package for Revit

You can now remove duplicates from a list of Curves. This node supports Dynamo Curves, Revit Model or Detail Lines. Revit Curves have the optional inputs to delete any duplicates from the document and input LineStyle names can be used to retain the duplicate curve of that style.

To simplify model element selection in Revit when using the Dynamo Select Model Elements node, heterogeneous lists (any Revit element type) can be input as the node filters the list for curves before processing.

Node enhancements and major upgrades


Bimorph Nodes CuvesFromCADLayers Dynamo BIM Package for Revit

In previous versions of BimorphNodes, CurvesFromCADLayers only supported Import Instances hosted on plan views; in version 2.0 the node has been upgraded to support any view and Import Instance orientation!

The other major upgrade is the new functionality for creating Revit model lines; Line Styles names can be input to map Revit LineStyles to each layer during the conversion process.

Note that we have ported this node from Python to C# (the languages used to write the node). Any Dynamo files using previous versions of CurvesFromCADLayers will no longer be recognised once you upgrade. To resolve this issue, simply swap the node out with this upgraded version!

Bimorph Nodes DuplicateSheets Dynamo BIM Package for Revit
DuplicateSheets has been upgraded significantly from previous versions. All placed view types are now supported (3D views, renderings, legends, schedules, plans, sections, elevations and details), and if illegal characters are found in the view names (such as {3D} for example) they are cleaned to prevent Revit warnings from terminating the process prematurely. Furthermore, any Sheet annotations, including dimensions, Symbols, Detail Lines, and Groups are also duplicated when the duplicateWithViews input is set to true.

Lastly, the algorithm which controls the duplicate behaviour has been upgraded. Now, whenever a dependent view is found, a new parent is created first, then the dependent is duplicated from this parent to maintain the existing view structure. The node has also been designed to check if the duplicate parent already exists to handle situations where it was created on a previous cycle and other related dependent’s are subsequently duplicated on a new run.

Note that we have ported this node from Python to C# (the languages used to write the node). Any Dynamo files using previous versions of DuplicateSheets will no longer be recognised once you upgrade. To resolve this issue, simply swap the node out with this upgraded version!

Bimorph Nodes RenumberRenameSheets Dynamo BIM Package for Revit
RenumberRenameSheets has been upgraded to enable renaming only. In previous versions, a list of newNumbers had to be input to also rename. Now you can rename only by leaving the newNumbers input unconnected. Alternatively, if you only need to renumber, leave the newNames input unconnected otherwise use both inputs to rename and renumber simultaneously.

Bimorph Nodes GetLineStylesAttributes Dynamo BIM Package for Revit
The node includes a new refresh input to provide the ability to pick up new Line Styles that are added to a Revit project after the node is placed on the graph. Additionally, the LineStyle GraphicStyle elements are now output to support downstream workflows.


You can download BimorphNodes version 2.0 from the Package Manager in Dynamo, or from the Dynamo Packages Website.


  1. Hi! I’m trying to use the Duplicate Sheets Node, it’s working perfectly in the English version, but if I try to use in the French version of Revit it doesn’t work properly, it copies sheets but not views. It is fixable? Thank you for your nodes and your answer!

    1. Hi Catiae

      Thanks for the question; we are aware of the language limitation and published an updated version of BimorphNodes yesterday (v2.3) to resolve this issue. It should now be compatible with any language version of Revit. If not, please let us know and well investigate the cause.

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